What is the largest and smallest possible value for a 3x3 matrix with entries either 1 or 0?


Call a matrix with only 0s and 1s a 0/1-matrix. It should be clear that the max and min determinants of a 2x2 0/1-matrix is ±1. Next, if any row or column of a 3x3 0/1-matrix has: A) all 0s, then the determinant is 0. B) exactly one 1, then by
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It looks like [x y z] should be a column and you are multiplying it with A to get [xy 0 0 ] .......| a11 a12 a13 | A = | a21 a22 a23 | .......| a31 a32 a33 | When you do the multiplication
HAHA Nice question dear. A 3 x 3 matrix looks like this : __ __ | 1 0 0 | | 0 0 0 | | 0 0 0 | ---- ----- A LITTLE BIT CONFUSING QUESTION. :D Hey dear friends give him an answer please
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