What is a four-letter word meaning "to grow light as the sun rises"?


A four-letter word meaning "to grow light as the sun rises" is "dawn." The opposite of "dawn" is "dusk," meaning "to grow dark as the sun sets."

The word "dawn" also means "beginning," as in, "The dawn of history, mankind, or the space age," which is its noun form of use. "Dawn" also indicates a moment of perception or understanding, as in "It suddenly dawned on me," which is its verb form of use. The Merriam-Webster dictionary notes that the word originates from Middle English, with its first known use in the 15th century. Dawn is also a popular girl's name.

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The 4 letter word that means to grow light as the sun rises is dawn. Note that dawn can be either a noun or a verb.
Dawn (noun) is a four-letter word which means light which
When used as a verb, the word "dawn" means to grow light. It can also be used as a noun as in "it is dawn."
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