4 Prong Dryer to 3 Prong Outlet?


In order to convert a three prong dryer outlet to a four prong dryer outlet, you need to use a modern receptacle converter. You can probably get one of these from your local electric store. You will also find them at Home Depot.
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1. Turn off the power to the existing dryer outlet at the main circuit panel. The breaker will be a larger double-pole breaker, typical of a 220-volt breaker. 2. Remove the screws
The four blade dryer plug brings a separate ground wire from the machine to the electrical grounding system. The three blade dryer plug depended on the neutral wire of the plug to
You need a new 4 prong 30A cord. The red and black wires of the cord connect to the outside terminals on the dryer. Disconnect the jumper (copper strap) from the center terminal and
You may need to run new wire to your outlet. It is a
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How to Convert 3 Prong Dryer Outlet to a 4 Prong
Moving new appliances into an older home or apartment can lead the owner to having to convert a three-prong outlet to a four-prong outlet. When upgrading your outlet for an electric dyer, you will need to be sure the outlet matches the type of plug on... More »
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