What are the four steps of natural selection?


Natural selection is the process whereby biological traits randomly become more or less common. These traits are then passed down through reproduction within a population. Charles Darwin coined this popular term. The four steps of natural selection are overproduction which means that not everyone within the group will survive. Variation and selection among individuals will eliminate the ones with the weaker traits. Competition requires that the individuals compete for survival within the group. Survival and reproduction states that the strongest biological traits will be passed down through reproduction.
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Overproduction :organisms produce more offspring than the environment can support. I herited Variation :organisms are very different have variation in there genes that causes them
1) Individuals vary in their traits 2) Some of
Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection: 1. Phenotypic Variation 2. Variation is Heritable (has genetic basis) 3. Differential survival & reproduction. report this answer
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