40th Birthday Ideas for Women?


As a woman, your 40th birthday is a time to celebrate life and enjoy your trip into the adventure of middle age. Many women choose to go on a big trip with their friends or family members in order to commemorate this milestone. Common types of trips include a cruise, Disney World, or a weekend spa adventure. If the 40 year old will be having a party, some ideas are to rent out her favorite restaurant and invite all of the people who are important to her in her life.
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1. Talk to the guest of honor. If you are throwing a surprise party, then ask subtle questions without letting on what your plans are. Ask questions like, "What's your favorite
I just remembered what I did for my husband when he turned 50 (good for ages 20 + and although it sounds expensive I found a way around it. Instead of everyone getting a gift for
Here are a few ideas.A Surprise Party.Hire a boat A great party venue is
We had a surprise party for my brother's 40th. My sister in law rented a banquet room, had catered mexican food, cash bar, free margarita machine and a DJ. We all had a blast and
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40th Birthday Ideas for Women
Of all of the milestone birthdays that we celebrate, the 40th might be one of the least looked forward to by women. The threshold between being young and middle-aged, 40 is sometimes not considered a cause for celebration. Finding the right way to usher... More »
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