What is 454 ignition timing?


It is possible to set an engine's timing on a 454 by using the manifold vacuum on the vacuum advance. First, set the initial timing to 15 degrees and the total to 35 without vacuum advance. Then, connect the vacuum advance to the manifold vacuum and set the vacuum advance. Give it an additional 15 to 20 degrees advance in an idle vacuum state. Then, set the idle speed and adjust the idle mixture for the best idle.
Q&A Related to "What is 454 ignition timing?" standard Chevy timing/firing order. the #1 on the distributor will be pointing @ the #1 cyl when @ top dead center. front drivers side.
1. Install the remote starter switch so you can turn the engine over, by connecting one of the remote starter's leads to the positive terminal on the battery. Connect the remaining
If you can't lower the idle in drive to around 650
( ig′nish·ən ′tīm·iŋ ) (electricity) The time of delivery of the spark from the coil to the spark plug in relation to the time the piston
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