How to Burn Movies That Are Larger Than 4.7 Gigabytes.?


1. Check to make sure that your DVD burner and blank DVD are both of the dual layer variety. If your burner is capable of burning dual layer discs, the "DVD DL" logo will be on the front of it. Likewise, if your blank DVD is a DVD DL disc the "DVD
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1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes, therefore 4.7 GB is equal to 4.7 * 1024 which is equal to. 4812.8 MB.
There is a difference between hat an engineer or scientist would say and what a marketing and sales person would say. An engineer would say it is 1024x1024 Megs or 1,073,741,824 (
4.7 gigabytes = 4 812.8 megabytes. ChaCha on!
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1. Obtain a compression software. Winzip, WinRAR and MagicISO are all freeware compression software tools. 2. Put the data for the DVD in a single folder. 3. Compress ...
Use alcohol 120%. to get it free, search ...
To copy 3 mini 1.3gb dvd rw to 1 dvd rw with a capacity of 4.7gb. All you have to do is insert the first mini 1.3gb dv rw and save the files to your hard disk. ...
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