What is 5+5+5=550?


The equation 5+5+5=550 is a riddle where the directions are to make the equation true by adding only one single line. The answer is to change the equation from 5+5+5=550 to 545+5=550 or 5+545=550.

This is a very simple riddle because the plus sign just has to be reworked into a 4 to make the solution work. It can fool many people though because the equation at first just looks erroneous.

A similar riddle could be 3+3+7=350. Adding a straight line to one of the plus signs will change it to a four, fixing the equation. These types of brain teasers are common in logic books and collections of mind exercises.

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You are to use 1 straight line to change this equation to make it true. Instead of
5 / 550 = 0.00909.
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