What are some uses for broken Christmas tree ornaments?


You can use broken Christmas tree ornaments for a number of interesting holiday craft projects, from wreaths to centerpieces. Using your accidentally dinged and dented decorations is a great way to recycle unusable decor rather than trashing it.

What may be trash to some is excellent craft materials for others. Upcycling reduces waste and helps crafters keep to strict holiday budgets. Christmas tree ornaments provide good supplies for the following five projects:

  1. Glitter ornaments: Smash up broken glass ornaments and use them to fill clear ball ornaments.
  2. Wreaths: If ornaments are only lightly broken, arrange the undamaged sides on a wreath base to make a modern looking creation.
  3. Centerpieces: Lightly broken ornaments make great fillers for clear bowls or vases.
  4. Chandeliers and lamps: Lightly broken or cracked ornaments work well as light-catching, reflective material for homemade chandeliers, lamps, and light fixtures.
  5. Mosaic art: Smashed ornaments are great for creating mosaic art pieces, such as hangings, picture frames, ornaments, and furniture.

Clever crafters can use broken ornaments right away or stash them for future projects.

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