How Many Grams Equal a Cup?


There isn't a conversion to do this. Grams are a unit of weight and cups are a unit of volume. It is like asking how many pounds are in a gallon. The weight per volume is decided by the material's density.
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One cup is about 200 grams so 500 grams are about 2 cups and a half. Thanks
A cup of icing sugar is 250 gm . 500gm is 2 cups.
are you making tiramisu? 227 grams=1 cup (a substance most similar to butter-when measuring)
There are 200 grams in one cup, so one cup of sucrose equals 200
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Conversion from grams to cups is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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One cup of all purpose flour is equal to approximately 125 grams. With this constant taken into consideration, we can determine that 500 grams of all purpose flour ...
The number of grams in a cup will depend on what you are measuring. Since a cup is a measure of volume and a gram is a measure of weight. ...
60 grams equals approximately 1/4 cups of dry food or liquid. Approximately 236 grams equals a cup. Converting grams to cups and cups to grams is useful in certain ...
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