What are some good wording ideas for 50th birthday invitations?


There are a variety of fun wordings for 50th birthday invitations. One example is 'Say it ain't so…Joe Smith is gonna be the Big 5-0! He said 'A party, no way!'But we talked it over-and we're having one anyway!' Another option could be 'Look who's 50!Please join us as we celebrate Joe Smith's 50 years of excellence!'
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1. Write, or compose the front of the invitation. This should announce what the invitation is for, such as "Guess who's turning 50?. Another option is having multiple "50&
People can go and buy 50th birthday invitations at a local card store in their local town. However on-line there are a range of sites such as Moon Pig that can help make personalised
1 Do it now. If you or a loved one have always wanted to do something in particular, why not do it now? For example, if you have never sailed or gone whitewater rafting, now is the
First, planning and pulling off a surprise birthday party can be quite a challenge so just be aware of that right off. However, if you can and do, it can be lots of fun. When I began
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Ideas for 50th Birthday Invitations
Help your friend or family member celebrate a milestone year with a 50th-birthday party. Whether you're organizing a formal dinner banquet, a casual beach party or an informal lunch event at home, create birthday invitations that reflect the style and... More »
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