How to Plan a 50th Birthday Surprise Party?


To Plan a 50th Birthday Surprise Party, you need to put into consideration the following; identify the people who are to attend the party, choose the theme which is relevant to the person and select a location that is memorable to that person but secretively. During the party do not leave out a time for memories when you explore how far you've come and also do not forget to include some child hood games and rhymes.
Q&A Related to "How to Plan a 50th Birthday Surprise Party?"
1. Select a date, time, and venue for the party. Choose a venue that won't give away the surprise. Rent a hall if you have to, or want to. Keep in mind 50th birthdays are special
a nice restaurant, or if its in the spring a pretty outdoor place and cater it. or a country club type thing like beaver brook or harker's hollow
New York City theme.
You could hit the dollar store, buy a bunch of mini frames and then stick a picture of the person at each place setting as a takeaway. If you are organizing the table by groups of
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