50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces?


There are several things you can do for 50th wedding anniversary centerpieces. You can put a vase of flowers on each table to act as a centerpiece and then put something that says 50 in the middle of the flowers. You can also place pictures around the middle of the table of the guest of honor at various stages of their life.
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1. Choose three different pictures of the couple from different times in their lives, such as childhood, their wedding and the recent past. If the photos are prints, scan them into
1. Think about the anniversary couple. What do they enjoy doing? How did they met? How will their 50th wedding anniversary be celebrated? Ad. 2. Think outside the box. Gold is the
Gold is the color of a 50th Wedding Anniversary 'Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Expect your dad to buy your mom the really key, personal gift. Instead, I recommend you organize a family reunion/celebration. By now there are probably quite a few children, grandchildren
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How to Make a 50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpiece
Personalized photo candles are a great way to display precious moments shared between a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. When set on a tray with rose petals, the candles form a centerpiece that makes a great conversation starter at an... More »
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