How do you build a gas barbecue grill out of a 55-gallon drum?


Barbecue grill is a machine used for cooking food as generated heat comes from down. The following show how one can build a barbecue grill, get yourself a drum and divide it into quarters, take some angle iron and weld it to help support the grill. Make a rectangular shape out of the angled iron after welding the iron into the grill, find a proper mesh metal that can be used as the primary grill, build a stand for your wonderful homemade grill and finally find strong metal steel for the legs.
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1. Divide the drum lengthwise into four equal quarters, including the top and bottom by measuring it into four equal quarters. Mark the measurements with masking tape. 2. Saw out
23" diameter x 35" tall.
This is the sort of thing you should consult your municipality about. A lot of municipalities have very strict environmental rules about this sort of thing and not doing it "
The inner diameter of a gallon drum is about 23.375
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