5th Grade Graduation Ideas?


Some ideas for a fifth grade graduation include using a theme that focuses on how the students have grown through their elementary school years. This could involve a slideshow of pictures that feature the students in various stages of their education, having people match baby pictures to current pictures of students, and having parents write a brief biography of their child.
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Hand out a series of awards for academic achievement, providing recipients with colorful pins or certificates. Reward truly gifted kids with gift cards to local attractions, such
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if you mean by themes you can do a. luau. disco. celebrity dinner(lunch) i know we did a disco party and since our cafeteria couldn't fit everyone we went on a feild trip to the skating
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5th Grade Graduation Ideas
A fifth-grade graduation marks the student's departure from elementary school on to middle school or junior high school. It's a coming-of-age ceremony, as students are no longer considered young children by the school district. However, they are not yet... More »
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