How to Make a 5x7 Envelope?


It can be a lot of fun for crafters and others to make their own envelopes. This way you can match your envelope with your stationery. To make this easier, you can download templates to use, such as a 5x7 size envelope.
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1. Rule a rectangle, 5 by 7 inches in the middle of the paper, leaving room on all sides. 2. Rule two identical triangles on either end of the rectangle, with the 5 inch side as their
At office max 5x7 envelopes are usually $10 for a 50 count package. They are however frequently out of stock.
First-Class Mail for Postcards more than
It all depends on what you put into the envelope and how much it weighs to determine how many stamps you will need. I would play it safe and either go to your post office or Mail
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