How to Synchronize a Receiver & a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 6000.?


1. Turn on the computer you wish to use with the mouse and allow the operating system to boot completely. Insert the installation disc in the computer's optical drive and follow the instructions for configuring the software for your operating system.
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If you are looking to purchase an HP OmniBook 6000 notebook computer, the specs by today's standards are very low. The computer comes with a 30gb hard drive, 128 mb of PC-100 SDRAM
Turn unit off. Remove battery. Turn unit over, and remove EVERY screw. Remove every screw in battery compartment. Slide optical drive out. Remove all panels. Remove hard drive. Remove
Most recent laptops use non-volatile memory to store the BIOS password. In the past, it was possible to clear BIOS passwords by removing the BIOS backup battery. Eventually, manufacturers
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1. Unplug all peripherals from the notebook, including external hard drives, printers and external monitors. 2. Start the computer. Press "Ctrl" and ...
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