How Many Fluid Ounces Equals 60 ML?


The amount of 60 ML is equal to 2.02 US fluid ounces. Fluid ounces are used in measuring liquids when baking or cooking. Milliliters can also be converted to pints as well as tablespoons.
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60 mL is about 2.028 US fluid ounces.
1 fl oz (US) = 29.57353 ml (SI) so, 60 ml is 2.029 fl oz. In UK, 1 fl oz = 28.41307 ml!
One ounce is equal to 28.35 grams. One ounce is also equal to 0.02835 kilograms. This is equal to about 5 times the mass of a U.S. quarter or 11 times the mass of a U.S. penny.
The ounces to pound conversion is one of the most common. There are exactly 16 ounces in each pound. However, if you are looking for the weight of a Troy weight pound, this number
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60 milliliters is equal to 2.028841 ounces.
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