What are some good ideas for a 60th anniversary party?


The 60th anniversary is called the Diamond Anniversary and a party should be in order for this momentous occasion. 60th anniversary party ideas include a luau or a Roaring 20s party. The happy couple may not be up for all the action, so another idea is to rent out a hall and invite all of the family and friends of the couple and have refreshments and gift giving. The couple may enjoy greeting everyone instead of an action packed dinner and dancing.
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Arranging party in themed restaurant will be my recommendation. To recall the couple's young days a theme of 80's or 90's in a romantic restaurant with background music will be fine
1. Ask the anniversary couple how they would like to celebrate the 60th year of their marriage. Plan an event based on their preferences. There is no point in throwing a lavish gala
Maybe something not so see-through. It's not very cute either.
Are you thinking about having an anniversary party for your mom and dad? Then you may probably be needing anniversary party ideas to help out. Your mom and pop would certainly recognize
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60th Anniversary Party Ideas
The 60th wedding anniversary is called the Diamond Anniversary because diamond jewelry is the traditional gift for this year of marriage. If you are planning a party for family or friends who have been hitched for 60 years, make sure you get their plans... More »
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