What gemstone is the traditional gift for the 60th birthday?


There exists no gemstone designated as a traditional gift for the 60th or any birthday. Gemstones associated with births are designated based upon the month a particular individual is born, not the person's age.

However, wedding anniversaries are celebrated with traditional gemstones as gifts. The traditional gemstone associated with the 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond. The birthstone for January is garnet, for February is amethyst and for March is aquamarine; April is celebrated with the diamond, May with the green emerald and June with the pearl; the ruby is the gemstone for July birthdays, peridot for August birthdays and sapphire for September. Finally, October birthdays are marked with the opal, November with yellow topaz and December with blue topaz.

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Different gemstones are assigned to different months of
I agree, thoughtful gifts are great. Consider making her a photo album with photos of all the children. If you are willing to spend some ubcks you can get photos put onto a vase here
Diamond. It comes from the Greek word adamas which means unconquerable and enduring. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 01:47PM EST. Source: marriage.about.com
A person might find tips on birthday gifts when a person is entering their 60th year by asking the person. Everyone has different tastes, so asking the person themselves is the best
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Traditional Gifts for 60th Birthday
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