Where can I find a cheap '69 Camaro or a '67 or '68 down south for a project car?


Finding a car like a 68 Camaro for sale as a project car isn't too complicated when you turn online. One good site to look for classic cars is www.oldride.com. On this website you can find many classic cars or trucks that you can use as a project car.
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The 68 Mustang had a 0-60 of 5.4 sec, 1/4 mile in
You're gonna need a LOT more $ You don't get much in a first generation camaro for 5grand. Get a good job, save as much as you can, and learn all you can about auto repair / restoration
It would probably be worth more if you had the original wheels. What happened to the heater/ac control? And the radio? Why the mat on the dash pad, is it all cracked up? The right
Project cars are usually very cheap because by their very nature they are not in great condition. Usually you can find project cars for under $2000! With that said, keep in mind that
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