How to Find the Date on a 7-up Bottle?


7-UP is a soda drink that was created in 1929. If you need to find a date on the bottle, you can look at the bottom of the bottle. Sometimes the date can also be found on the neck of the bottle or on the label, if there is one.
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1. Lift up the bottle of 7Up. 2. Look at the base, or bottom, of the bottle to find the date. 3. Look at the neck or label. If the plant has not printed the date on the base, it can
7up is a is a registered trademark of DrPepper/Sevenup Inc!
In the US, $0.99 to $1.49 depending on the retailer. Or, if the intended buyer is very thirsty, perhaps a bit more. Everything is negotiable.
1. Find a plastic bottle you want to blow up. Glass is too dangerous. Ad. 2. Find a space to blow up the bottle. The ideal location should be outdoors or in a garage, away from children
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