What are some ideas for a 70th birthday party?


A 70th birthday party is an important event to be celebrated. Ideas for planning a happy 70th birthday would include a small dinner party and a cake. A book of memories and mementos given to the celebrator could also be a nice touch.
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1. Incorporate trends that were popular the year the birthday person was born. For instance, someone born around the 1940's will appreciate movie posters of "A Streetcar Named
No color for 70.but you could use the "journey" colors
celebrate. celebrate. celebrate. Wear festive colours.
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70th Birthday Party Ideas
The 70th birthday is a milestone event, and definitely one worth celebrating. Whether it's for yourself or for a parent, a grandparent or a close friend, you need to celebrate the 70th birthday in a big way. Birthday party ideas can help highlight the... More »
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