How many ounces are there in 750 ml?


When converting milliliters to ounces, 750 ml is the equivalent to roughly 25.4 fluid ounces. Milliliters are part of the metric system, while ounces are part of the US and imperial systems of measurements.

The most popular bottle size for both wine and spirits is 750 ml, although they are also sold in 1 L and 1.5 L sizes. Although the bottles are measured using the metric system, drink recipes usually are created using ounces in the United States. In order to calculate how many drinks a bottle will provide, bartenders need to convert to ounces.

A standard glass of wine contains 5 ounces, so a standard 750 ml bottle provides roughly five glasses of wine. A mixed beverage, like vodka and tonic, normally contains 1.5 ounces of spirits, so a 750 ml bottle contains enough alcohol for roughly 17 drinks.

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There are 25 ounces in 750 mL. You can determine figures like this on your own if you can remember that 30 mL is equivalent to one ounce.
About 25.
750 ml = 25.360517 US fluid ounces.
750 mL is equivalent to approximately 25.36 ounces. It's also equal to 3.17 cups. Ask kgb_
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750 milliliters is equal to 25.36052 ounces.
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