How Do You Wish Someone a Happy 75th Birthday in German?


Birthday wishes differ from one person to another as each one has a desire of his own. One thing seems constant in all occasions though, and those wishes almost always involve that celebrant's loved ones in a way or two. Material wishes are less likely to be asked at this age group.
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The following sentence means happy 75th birthday in German. Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zu deinem/Ihrem funfundsiebsigsten Geburtstag. You can choose to use either deinem or Ihrem, deinem being the familiar 'your', and Ihrem being the formal 'your.'
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That's an easy one Dodranscentennial, but it can also be called a Dodracentennial, Dequascentennial or a Semisesquicentennial. If know someone who is having a 75th, I'd celebrate
1. Think of whom to invite. Unless it is a surprise party, it would be helpful to make the list with your parent there. 2. Find out who he or she would really like to invite. Any
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