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For the past 30 years, 7th Avenue has offered an extensive selection of furniture, home décor, bedding, jewelry, electronics, cookware, apparel, and much more. The idea behind 7th Avenue was to create a place where individuals could find unique, yet affordable items. 7th Avenue has a catalog and website where purchases can be made and new items are added to the website on a daily basis. Recently, 7th Avenue introduced a credit card called Choose ‘n Charge.
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The store 7th Avenue sells many types of clothing. You can contact a dedicated agent who will be happy to discuss the various types of clothing that they sell.
445 7th Ave Ste B, Brooklyn,, NY
25 November 2003(USA) See more »
Domino's Pizza 2577 E 7th Ave
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Seventh Avenue is a catalog-based retailer of furniture, home décor, electronics, and jewelry… More>>
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