What are some eight-syllable words?


8-syllable words can cause tongue twisters. You may think that you do not know of any 8 syllable words, but there are several in the English language. There are currently over 4,000 words with 8 syllables and some of these include intellectualization, denominationalism, palaeopalynology, and epidemiological. The next time you write an essay or are talking with friends and family, try using a few of these 8-syllable words in order to provide your audience with a sense of amazement.
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Unconstitutionality is an 8 syllable word!
1. Divide a word between two double letters in the middle of a word. For example, you would divide "butter" as but-ter. 2. Divide a word just before a single consonant in
1 Clap your hands as you say a word. Try to form a steady beat for every individual sound you make. [1] For example, ba (clap) - na (clap) -na (clap). This word has three claps, one
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