What is an eight-letter word meaning "wealthy"?


"Affluent" is an eight-letter word meaning "wealthy." One can use it interchangeably with the word "wealthy" to add some lexical variety when writing about rich people.

"Affluent" comes from the Latin root "affluere," which means "to flow to" or "to flow abundantly." Ultimately, this root is also the source for the English words "flow" and "fluid." The metaphor implies both that wealth flows to an affluent person and, perhaps, that the affluent person spends freely. It can refer to material wealth, such as money and possessions, and more metaphorical wealth, such as creativity or cooking skills. However, it is typically more common in the former sense: "The affluent man could afford to purchase whatever he wanted to buy at the store."

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Affluent means 'a rich person' . Hope I helped ?
Try "Affluent" It's the only one I could find.
Affluent: (esp. of a group or area) Having a great deal of money; wealthy: "the affluent societies of the western world"
An 8 letter word that is a synonym for wealthy is affluent. Does this work? Let us know and
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