How to Teach the Story of the Good Samaritan to Children.?


1. Hit the important points of the story and keep it simple for the children. Emphasize the point of being good to others. 2. Perform a show. Act out the story for them so that they have a visual component to associate with the story's lessons. 3.
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A good person helps another in need, even if the person is an enemy or someone despised.
The story of the good Samaritan teaches us to be neighborly. A Samaritan
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The story of the Good Samaritan refers to the parable in the bible which was initially given by Jesus. The parable was as a result of a question ‘who is ...
The parable of Good Samaritan is a story given by Jesus as accounted in the gospel of Luke. The story tells of a man who was badly beaten, robbed and left for ...
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