How to Draw a Dancing Bear.?


1. Draw a circle near the top of the page. Draw the top half of a circle at the top of the head on the right side. Draw another semi-circle on the left side of the top of the head. This creates the ears. 2. Move your pen so that it rests at the
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A trained animal act in a circus might be a large bear ( Russian or North American ) trained to move rhythmically to music.
1 Ask your parents if you can have a teddy bear dance party. You don't want to get in trouble for not asking! Ad 2 Call up your friends and tell them you are having a teddy bear dance
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You can draw a dancing bear by putting dance clothes on the bear. You can also show it is dancing by showing it with a lifted leg or arms. The tale of the dancing ...
A dancing bear is often seen on television, in the circus and maybe even on computer screens. There are songs written about dancing bears as well. This is a fun ...
Dieter Bethge is the protagonist in 'Dancing Bear' by 'Guy Vanderhaeghe'. The story involves the rescue of a dancing bear by a peasant. The dancing bear is kept ...
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