What is a thesis statement for teen pregnancy?


Thesis statements on a topic such as teen pregnancy vary greatly depending on the style of essay being written, but include things like "Teen pregnancy in the U.S. has decreased in the U.S. because..." and "All states should require sex education to prevent teen pregnancy." A expository or analytical thesis and an argumentative thesis are quite different and therefore have different requirements.

The topic of teen pregnancy is general and lends itself more towards a research or exploratory style essay. In this case, the thesis statement needs to be more neutral and seek to either provide information or explore the controversial issue. A research essay thesis or expository thesis on teen pregnancy might state, "Teen pregnancy has dramatically decreased in the United States since 1990. Many factors have contributed to this decline." In this case, the essay focuses on explaining why and how the pregnancy rate has declined.

An exploratory thesis or analytical thesis might state, "New Mexico has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. In my research, I will discover why this is the case and what solutions have been discussed." An exploratory essay is designed to research all sides of an issue and often leads to a more focused thesis in a later essay.

An argumentative essay needs a more specific focus, as teen pregnancy itself is not a specific argument but a general contentious issue. An argumentative thesis based on the topic of teen pregnancy might state, "All states in the United States should require complete, medically accurate sexual education including contraceptives and safe-sex practices." The argumentative thesis has a specific goal in mind and pushes the reader to change his mind.

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Thesis statements on a topic such as teen pregnancy vary greatly depending on the style of essay being written, but include things like "Teen pregnancy in ...
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