Why is your abs light staying on?


You pobably have a problem with your breakings system.
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How to Troubleshoot an ABS Sensor Light
The ABS sensor light in your vehicle comes on when the ABS, or anti-lock braking, malfunctions. Most ABS systems do not fail outright, but they can malfunction over time. Replacing the sensors can be an expensive and labor-intensive job. However,... More »
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In most cases when the ABS light is on its due to the fact you may need to have the brake done. There is a censor in these units that let the system know when it about time.
The ABS light being on will turn off the anti Lock Function. You will only have regular non-ABS braking on your vehicle. O'Reillys Autoparts should scan your system for free, at least
1. Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the second position. This is the position just before the engine starts. 2. Open the hood of the Ford and loosen the nut on the negative
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There could be a few reasons why the ABS light may stay on all the time on a 1999 Ford Explorer. One reason could be that the ABS sensor needs to be replaced. ...
Your abs light can stay on for multiple reasons, such as, something as simple as worn brake pads and/or rotars, air in the brake lines, bad sensor, ect. The best ...
If the ABS light is staying on in a 2000 Ford Expedition then chances are there is something wrong with the ABS breaking system. If you just got the brakes fixed ...
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