What are adaptations of an earthworm?


Adaptations of an earthworm have happened to secure their survival. Some of these adaptations are bristly hairs on each segment, a body with no appendages, circular muscles in each segment, and pulls its food inside of the mouth area. They have also developed the ability to secrete a slim that helps them move along different types of surfaces.
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Setae, brissels thatt drag it along, and clitellum, the light colored puch thing in the middel. hold eggs and sperm.
Moist soil forms to be the habitat of earthworms, while mud, such
Earthworms live in moist soil which contains organic matter. Earthworms do not have eyes or ears but they have a mouth and are sensitive to heat, light and touch. This adaptation
Hi Lindsay: Thanks for your question. Earthworms belong to the phylum Annelida, which are segmented worms. They never had appendages to lose, so asking if the lack of appendages
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Adaptations of Earthworms for Kids
Earthworms have survived for millions of years due to their ability to adapt to the environment. Kids enjoy learning about adaptations of earthworms and the important role they play in the environment through conducting studies and experiments.... More »
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