How to Add a Person to a House Deed?


Whenever preparing any kind of legal document it is always best to have an attorney review it. To add a person to a house deed all you need to do is make up a new deed conveying the land from you individually to you and the other person jointly.
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Adding a Name to a Property Deed
Homeowners who make a monthly mortgage payment do not actually own their home--a bank or mortgage lender does. With that in mind, a person looking to change the name on a property deed should start with the lending bank to find out its particular policy.... More »
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1. Schedule a meeting with a title company or real estate attorney to add someone's name to the deed. Mention that you're interested in modifying your existing deed. There is a fee
Answer The easiest method is called a Quit Claim deed. It transfers the property from the current owners to the new owners, which would include all the old owners and those you wish
1. Decide which type of deed to use. A warranty deed claims that you are the actual owner of the property and no one else can claim the property, such as a mortgage holder or a third-party
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You can add a name to the deed for your house, by using a quick deed form. You can only use the click deed form if you have a mortgage free home. If you have a ...
To add a name to a house deed, you can use a quitclaim. You will have to fill out a form and then have it notarized. You can then file it with your county clerk. ...
I know from experience that to add a name to a deed of a house, you can do a refinance. You could also do a quitclaim deed. To do this you will need to fill out ...
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