Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Planning?


An advantage of family planning is that you have goals set to reach before starting a family. You want to ensure that you are financially ready and emotionally stable enough to start that family. A disadvantage is that by the time you are in the prime position in life to start a family, the stress of making it happen is exactly what can make it not happen. Another disadvantage is that your ideals in life may change while your partner may still want a family, or vice versa. A planned life is not for everyone.
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One of the most prominent and reported side effects of family planning is population control. As every person consumes resources, continuous growth can mean that some people could
You plan so you can afford what you need.
Family planning allows women to make informed choices regarding when and if they decide to have children. Ultimately, it's your choice to figure out which method, if any, you'd like
+ Better prepared - getting right people at the right time. More effective/efficient use of worker. With workforce planning - more likely to achieve business objectives. Time consuming
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What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Family Planning?
Family planning is gradually becoming more emphasized across the world---especially with the continuous rise in population. As of 2010, there are an estimated 270 births every second, while only 90 deaths to match---meaning there is an estimated growth... More »
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