What are the advantages and disadvantages of recycling metals?


One of the biggest advantages of recycling metals is management of waste. Without recycling the whole world would be full of cans. The biggest disadvantage is that the process of recycling metals creates harmful and toxic chemicals.
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Advantages relatively easy to recycle, metals can easily be melted down and reformed. Reduces scrap metal filling landfill sites. Process of recycling metals usually creates (much
It helps to limit the amount of glass, paper and plastic
I think the greatest advantage to the Earth is that there will be less digging in the ground, and in the case of strip mining there is less of a chance of soil erosion from the removal
Well! I tnink you meant material rather than metal. Advantages: 1. Recycling helps to limit the amount of glass, paper and plastic that must be produced. This will end with less garbage
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Recycling Metal
The amount of aluminum and steel cans that Americans use every day could fill the country's need for airplanes every three months. Although all metals are recyclable, most scrap metal does not get recycled. Governments and environmentalists are promoting... More »
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