What are the advantages of a PowerPoint presentation?


Some of the merits of a PowerPoint presentation are; it enhances clear visualisation thus enabling you to sell your ideas. It also makes your presentation look wonderful than any other. PowerPoint is eye catching enabling you to stress on important aspects.
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In the classroom, PowerPoint's ability to integrate sound, animation and video in a slide show can capture the attention of media and video-savvy students. Text in a PowerPoint is
The advantages is that it can include pictures that capture the audiences attention. Powerpoints can also insert video clips or audio clips and it makes the presentation more entertaining
1. Click the "Microsoft Office" button in PowerPoint. Point to "Publish" and then click on "Create Handouts in Microsoft Word." A Send to Microsoft Office
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What Are the Advantages of a PowerPoint Presentation?
Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software that has changed the way people present ideas and information to an audience. With just a few clicks and keystrokes, you can add graphics, text, audio, video and animation to a slide show.... More »
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