Age of Empires 2 Play without CD?


Age of Empires 2 will not play without a start up CD in the CD-ROM drive. If you have misplaced your Age of Empires 2 CD, you may contact Ensemble Studios to inquire about your problem and possibly receive a new CD by mail. There are alternatives to this method that include downloading the game unlawfully through a torrent website. However, this method is illegal and can lead to copyright violation issue between yourself and Ensemble Studios. If you've purchased your version of the game legitimately, the best resource is to contact the maker.
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you have to download it.
1. Download the Age of Empires 3 no-CD crack that corresponds with the version of the game you're using. For example, if you're using version 1.2, you will need the 1.2 no-CD crack.
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You can usually find the CD key for a game within the box or on the back of
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