What is the alcohol content of Beck's beer?


Becks beer is brewed by German brewery known as Beck's Brewery in the northern German city of Bremen and is the world's bestselling German beer and sold in nearly 90 countries. It has a variety of brands like the Beck's Light with an A/C content of 3.8 and Beck's dark 4.8
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Beer falls in the 4-6% alcohol content range. Beck's beer's alcohol content is as follows:
1. Using a hydrometer to measure the density of your beer, known as its "specific gravity", take a reading before it ferments to calculate the "original gravity"
Answer Beer strength varies by local custom. British ale tends to average 4.4% abv. Belgian beers tend to average 8% abv. The strength of the typical global pale lager is 5% abv.
Alcohol content statements for beer are optional under federal law ( see. http://www.ttb.gov/beer/b. am/chap. though if manufacturers choose to include such statements, they must
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