Alto Singers?


There are many well-known and famous alto singers. Some famous alto singers include Kathleen Ferrier, Nora Jones, Bette Midler, James Bowman, Liz Phair, Alicia Keys, Fionna Apple, Cher, Bebel Gilberto, and Natalie Merchant. Alto singers are able to easily hit high notes and have a wide vocal range. Alto singers are commonly part of a chorus. The scale range for alto singers is between G3 to F5. Alto voices normally do not describe the voice of a solo singer, but the voices of a group of singers.
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There are a few Contralto singers. Here are some of them. Alicia Keys. Tina Turner. Toni Braxton. Miley Cyrus. Joss Stone. Demi Lovato. Fergie. P!nk. Aalyiah. Fiona Apple.
If you're using live accompaniment then you can ideally just transpose the song to fit your range. If the song happens to have a really wide range and transposing just makes the low
Legendary Clara Ward was famous for her alto gospel music, eventually starting the
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