How much is aluminum per pound?


Surprisingly aluminum's price fluctuates often. This is often due to supply and demand. The current price for aluminum is $0.84 a pound. Now you know why aluminum foil is so cheap sometimes! Look here for more information:
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How to Cash in Aluminum Cans
Recycling aluminum cans helps both the earth and your wallet. Many recycling centers pay a small amount of money for each can you recycle. Bring in enough cans and you'll earn a little money back on your purchases. Pick up cans people have thrown out in... More »
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Around $1.15 per pound.
Aluminum is currently valued at $5763/pound. Have
The current price of aluminum is $1.0553 per pound. Aluminum alloy is $0.9934 per pound.
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There are about 34.21 cans that can fit per pound. ...
Recycling aluminum cans is a way to conserve natural resources and conserve energy. There is no waste to an aluminum can and it can be 100% recycled. When an aluminum ...
If you've been wondering the price of aluminum per pound you should know that it changes daily, but as of the time of this posting aluminum is priced at $1.15 ...
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