Alvarez Guitar Serial Numbers?


The best place to obtain Alvarez guitar serial numbers is through the Alvarez Guitar Company. The serial numbers are not posted on the company's website or elsewhere. Serial numbers are assigned to the guitars to identify the model as well as the year it was produced. Alvarez guitars have been produced since 1965 and the majority of the guitars are now made in the country of China. Alvarez guitars can be purchased at many music retailers in the United States as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.
Q&A Related to "Alvarez Guitar Serial Numbers?"
An example would be: serial # 40425 for the Alvarez guitar model
Instructions. Search the area around the serial number for a date stamp. Not all guitar brands use date stamps, but if you find one, you have your answer. Look for the brand name
The 5022 model was made in Japan during the 1970's. At the time, Alvarez was imported and distributed by St. Louis Music. Alvarez and Yamaha were among the first companies to import
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