What is the Amazon Basin?


The Amazon basin is in South America. Most of it is in Brazil and stretches into Peru. There are plant life yet to be discovered and land that hasn't been explored.
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For the rubber harvested from the trees.
1. Check the map legend and details. This will give you important perspective. You particularly want to know the scale of the map, typically expressed as a ratio-explaining the relationship
Amazon River basin is about 4,195 miles long, covering about 2,720,000 square miles. It is
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The Amazon basin and the Galapagos Islands. ...
Th Amazon basin is located in South America and is covered by the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon basin covers 2,720,000 square miles and is 4,195 miles long. It ...
The Amazon Basin is an area in South America that contains the Amazon River and all of its tributaries. The area is covered with dense tropical forest and is surrounded ...
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