What is an anaerobic sport?


According to AZ Central, anaerobic sports are those that are played with high intensity in short bursts. Anaerobic sports burn more glycogen than fat, affect fast-twitch muscle fibers and result in the formation of lactic acid.

The Houston Chronicle states that anaerobic exercises are those where oxygen is absent, leading to the usage of phosphocreatine and oxygen as the body's primary energy source. Examples of anaerobic sports include weightlifting movements done in 3-minute intervals or gymnastic exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, air squats, lunges or handstands. Furthermore, any sort of ball, puck or combat sport is typically considered anaerobic as they are played in short interval periods.

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Aerobic endurance will
Anaerobic means "without oxygen." The term refers to high-intensity exercise that relies on energy sources without oxygen. The American Sports Medicine Institute states
-Aerobic: Aerobic dancing, cross country skiing, stationary cycling, tennis, exercise machines, jogging, walking, running.Anaerobic: weight lifting, baseball, volleyball.Endurance
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