How to Write an Analogy Paragraph.?


1. Ensure that the two things you are comparing share enough similarities to justify the comparison. A wobbly analogy, like a three-legged chair, will quickly fall apart. 2. Write a draft of a topic sentence that sets the stage for your analogy
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An analogy is a comparison of two different things that are alike in some way. So a paragraph by analogy would mean that you are writing multiple sentences that develop upon the ideas
An analogy is how two things are alike. In this paragraph, the film version is being compared to books.
In his essay “The Method of Scientific Investigation,” T. H. Huxley uses analogies to help explain his argument. Among the analogies used in the first six paragraphs of
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A comparison to whatever proceeds it. For example, if your first paragraph explains a process, through which a flower blooms due to sun and watering, an analogous ...
An analogy is defined as a comparison between two things which is typically on the basis of the structure and helps to clarify or explain something. An example ...
ugly. ...
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