Who are Andy Williams' children?


Andy Williams wore the hat of an actor, author and singer. At the time of Andy Williams' death on the 25th of September in the year 2012, he had three children. The names of Andy Williams' children are Noelle (1963), Christian (1965), and Robert (1969). The mother of Andy Williams' three children was is first wife named Claudine Longet. Well after Andy and Claudine's divorce in 1975, Andy married Debbie Haas in the year 1991. Andy and Debbie's marriage only concluded when he passed away.
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Andy Williams has three children. A daughter Noelle was born on Sept. 24, 1963; a son Christian was born on April 15, 1965; and a son Robert (Bobby) was born on Aug. 1, 1969.
Andy Williams was born December 3rd, 1927 age (81) in Wall Lake, IA his birth name is Howard Andrew Williams. Andy Williams is a pop singer, also known as the Crooning King.
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