What Animal Begins With the Letter X?


There are a vast amount of animals that start with the letter 'x.' Some of these animals include: xerus, x-ray fish, xantis, xenopus, and xenops.
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Xanclomys. : a small mammal from the Paleocene of North America. Xanthareel. : yellow eel. Xantis. : a yak. Xantus: a bird. Xantus murrelet: a small seabird found in the California
An animal beginning with the letter X is an X-ray tetra fish.
Xiphias gladius is a swordfish, Xantis yak,& Xenops ( a type of bird) are all animals that start with X!
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There are many types of animals whose names begin with the letter x and most of these names are scientific names. They are; X-Ray fish, X-Ray tetra, Xanclomys ...
All of the animals that begin with the letter X that are known as of 2013 are approximately 31 animals. Their names are xenopus, xantis, xenurine, X-Ray fish, ...
There are not very many animals that have animal names beginning with the letter X. Some of these include the xenurine, xenopus, xeme, the X-ray fish, xantus, ...
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