Where can I Find Answers to Riddles?


Finding answers to riddles is dependent upon what type of riddles you are looking for answers to. It may vary depending on where the riddles were found and the type of audience the riddles were intended for.
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How to Help Solve Riddles
Riddles are one of the earliest forms of poetry, dating back centuries in our history, as stated on the official website of the Victoria and Albert Museum, a museum of art and design. The first riddles had a form in verse, whereas nowadays riddles come... More »
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What is out on the lawn all summer and is Irish? The answer to this riddle is Paddy O'Furniture. This is a fun riddle for children to repeat on St. Patrick's Day ...
The HI answer is Rock. Sossie, Brown Server ...
The HI answer is Rock. Sossie, Brown Server ...
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