What are some anti-bullying slogans?


The fight against bullying has become one of the most significant issues for youth today. Bullying can take place in school, online, and in all facets of a young person's life. For this reason, you'll want to develop your own anti-bullying slogan that addresses the particular group you are trying to reach. Is it for school? Or are you gearing this for a younger audience? Are you dealing with a particular type of bullying that you'd like to confront specifically? Keep the message concise and clear. Some good slogans include: 'Ban Bullying'; 'Don't be mean behind the screen'; 'Back off, Bully'; 'Bulldoze Bullying'; and 'Build Up. Don't Tear People Down'.
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How about some of these slogans: It isn't big to make make others feel small,
First two are terrible. 3rd one is ok.
Bullying. with the red circle around it lined out. We Don't Tolerate Bullying or All Bully's Removed - No Refunds.
Instructions. Talk to your child about how bullying effects him as well as other people. Educate your child about how to handle bullying and have him write down all of his thoughts
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Anti-Bullying Slogans for Schools
School bullying is recognized as a mental health problem of childhood by medical and educational authorities, according to Mayo Clinic psychologists. Once dismissed as an relatively harmless childhood behavior, it is now seen as a serious problem. At... More »
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