Anti Tetanus Serum?


Anti-tetanus is used for the prevention and treatment of tetanus. Tetanus is also known as lockjaw which is a serious bacterial infection. The bacterial infection produces tetanus toxoid, which can cause muscle spams and decreased muscle control. If the airway becomes involved, the condition can be fatal.
Q&A Related to "Anti Tetanus Serum?"
anti tetanus serum is for preventing tetanus. When a wound is made by rusty weapon or infected with mud then the anti tetanus serum used as intramuscular injection.
The vaccine against tetanus was discovered by the German bacteriologist Emil Adolf von Behring (1854–1917) in 1890. Behring was working at the time in the laboratory of the
The main action of the anti-tetanus serum is to prevent the tetanus infection, which you are often prone to being infected by after being injured by objects like rusty metal.
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